Researchers and groups

Researchers and research groups related to crowd behavior analysis from different research perspectives.

Psychology & Sociology:

Computer vision:

Complex network & Complex adaptive system :
  • David Easley economist at Cornell. He wrote a very good book Networks, Crowds, and Markets: Reasoning About a Highly Connected World
  • Daniel Kahneman professor at department of psychology of Princeton University, winner of 2002 Nobel Prize in Economics. He has done a lot of great works on behavioral finance such as human decision making under uncertainty. I personally very appreciate his ideas on human cognitive biases and heuristics. His wife is Anne Treisman, who is also renowned professor at Princeton and has proposed the famous visual attention theory Feature Integration Theory which is cited more than 6000. What a great couple:)
  • Franklin Allen professor at the Wharton school of UPenn. His research is specified on financial systems and financial crises. He has impressively pointed out some important points in the weakness of current financial systems and the origin of financial crises. Besides, he has written some research papers on Chinese economy.

Group dynamics &  Collective motion:

  • Tamas Vicsek  state-of-art researcher on group dynamics. He is professor at Eotvos University from Budapest Hungary.
  • Nagy Máté Prof. Vicsek’s graduate student, he has done a novel work on the group dynamics of peogion flocks.
  • Iain Couzin professor at Princeton University. The research group led by him is really promising.  A lot of useful resources are on his website.
  • David Sumpter professor at Department of Mathematics, Uppsala University. He built several mathematical models for collective movements. He wrote the book Collective Animal Behavior, a very good introductory textbook on collective behavior. He maintains a weblog for his book, which contains a lot of resources on collective behavior.


  • Sean Gourley a guy with thoughts from the intersection of science, technology and politics. research on complex systems. CTO of Quid, a promising startup company on commercial data mining and intelligence.
  • David McLellan a London based artist, designer and technologist who explores the realms of interactivity, connectedness and interventions within the context of architectural spaces. His art project Influencia includes a dozen small colour-coded autonomous robots which coexist and communicate with participants. This idea encourages participants to form a generative dialogue with the robots through physical interaction.
  • Martin Krzywinski scientist on bioinformatics from Canada. What attracts me is that he has done a great of beautiful projects on data visualization of complex networks, such as CIRCOS and HIVE PLOTS. Visualization of large-scale data is really a art!

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