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Swarmanoid: Inspiring video from AAAI2011

A video on heterogeneous robotic swarm system.

This swarm system is composed of three different functional robots: the Foot-bots, the Hand-bots and the Eye-bot. They have different functionality: the foot-bots have motor system and are in charge of carrying the foot-bots. The hand-bots have flexible hands and can climb and carry objects. As for the Eye-bot, it can fly and navigate, and has visual sensor that can observe and recognize object in the outside environment. This video illustrate how this distributed systems collaborate with each other and finish a complex task.

This involves a very important concept for crowd system, the diversity and complexity of the system. The individuals in the crowd should be heterogeneous, which mean each individuals have unique or outstanding ability that other individuals do not have. So there would be collaboration and collective actions emerging. The overall robustness and evolution ability of a complex system are also determined by the diversity of its individuals. In economy, this idea is supported by the the division of labor in Capitalism boost the productivity of nations.

Recently I read a book Diversity and Complexity written by Scott Page. It is a very nice introductory book on how the diversity and complexity influence the overall complex systems. When I read the book, I always think about the extreme genocides happening all over the world, such as the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia 1975-1979, the Cultural Revolution in China 1968-1978. Diversity and complexity boost the development of human society, but governments may just like a homogenous crowd, since controlling morons is much much easier than controlling the intellectuals.


At last, I found a website Jasmine, which is devoted to the development of the open-source hardware and software for the swarm micro-robotic platform. Each robot costs around 100 euro. It is managed by Professor Serge in University of Stuttgart, Germany, who is an export on Collective Robotics.

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