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Two interesting projects in SIGGRAPH Asia 2011

Today I visited the computer graphics conference SIGGRAPH Asia 2011. With going through a lot of amazing state-of-art

graphics technologies, I spot two interesting projects which I would like to share with you.

The first  is a human-machine interaction project Influencia done by the British artist David McLellan In this project, a dozen small autonomous robots coexist and communicate with participants. Each robot has sonar and heat sensors, and movement wheel, so that it can sense the existence and movements of participants, make decision to interact with participants. Though the structure of each robot is very simple, participants can actually have generative dialogue with the robots through physical interaction. This feeling is really cool. Maybe in future we can increase the number of robots and to see how these robots can interact with each other and to see whether they could form some collective motion and intelligence.

The second is a french start-up company Galaem specficied on crowd simulation of computer graphics. Its software products include the plug-in for MAYA and C++ SDK.  Here is some demo video. These products can not only be used in movie making, but also for scientific researches and visualization. By leveraging these plug-in developed by Galaem, We can implement the research results(like the algorithm for collective motion) in 3D real model, it would be very impressive.

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